Review by Cathy Duffy

Kindergarten Complete takes advantage of homeschoolers’ ability to interact closely with their children with lots of discussion plus hands-on activities. Most programs of this sort have multiple teacher's guides and student books, and it can be very cumbersome to juggle all of the resources. Kindergarten Complete makes it easy with just one binder at a time for all of your subject areas, and no flipping back and forth through the binder.



Review by The Schoolhouse Review Crew

This is a wonderful program, with varied activities from week to week. The units are cohesive and interesting, and appeal to a kindergartener’s interests. All subjects are well integrated, with biblical principles throughout. We’ve really enjoyed using this program in our home... and I really like that this program balanced activities across different learning styles. I have found it very easy to adapt to the needs of my children... with the kids often continuing to play with the enrichment activities or creatively exploring the topic on their own after the formal lesson is complete.The program is easy for the teacher to prepare and follow, and truly contains everything you need for a complete kindergarten program.

Kindergarten Complete really is a complete, open and go type program.



Review by Blessed Beyond a Doubt

I am now a single working mother and time is scarce, to say the least. My daughter and I have been thoroughly enjoying this creative, hands-on, all-inclusive Kindergarten curriculum.  It is completely all-inclusive except for library books and low-cost school supplies. 
Homeschooling doesn’t get much easier than this.
The detailed lesson plans in Kindergarten Complete cover all subjects which are guided around thematic units. It includes a variety of activities that I have never thought of teaching my kindergartener before browsing the detailed daily lesson plans. All the fun activities are geared towards either the auditory, visual, or tactile learner. This approach makes the lessons exciting and worth while for both student and parent.

The curriculum includes all daily lesson plans, organization and planning suggestions, and teaching procedures all in the convenience of the binder. You will not have to plan out the school year because all preparations are completely prepared for you. I found the school year overview and appendix at the end of the binder very helpful. I was able to make a list of all the low-cost school supplies and library books we needed for the entire year. I really appreciated that the curriculum uses everyday household items.

I found Kindergarten Complete very relaxed but complete. You can be assured that you will not miss a concept with this all-inclusive kindergarten curriculum. It’s truly a homeschool mother’s dream. Your homeschool year will be stress-free and will consist of very little preparation. She is learning phonics and reading skills, sight words, higher-level thinking  and problem solving skills and we are only in the first few months of the program.



Review by Imperfect Homemaker

As someone who is easily overwhelmed, an all-inclusive curriculum is a HUGE plus in my book.  All the lesson plans and worksheets are in one big book.  The lesson plans for each day are written out with step-by-step instructions so there is no guesswork or lengthy planning sessions involved for mom.  The only thing I have to plan ahead for is gathering up the day’s materials, which are written out in a list each day.  All the subjects center around a theme, which means the student learns not only about weather, but he learns math, reading, and character development at the same time. I felt like it was quite sound academically, and will do a thorough job of preparing a kindergartener for first grade. Children at this age generally learn best by hands-on activities, and there are plenty of great suggestions for those while keeping the busywork to a minimum.



Review by Homeschool Encouragement

What makes a complete homeschool curriculum for Kindergarten? I think if you cover basic learning skills like listening, cutting, pasting, and an introduction to reading and writing and letter formation — you are good to go. But if you can throw in some fun that makes it even better — the more fun they have in Kindergarten, the more they will enjoy school long term.  My Bottom Line: The boys and I had a lot of fun using Kindergarten Complete… (and) I like how Bible concepts are woven throughout the material.



Review By David

The Kindergarten Complete curriculum is comprehensive, yet easy to follow for both the parent and child. Both semesters cover Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Development & Fitness, Fine Arts, and Character Development/Bible. The art work and graphics are superb; the lessons are clearly explained and illustrated, and they involve the child with relevant activities. Each child can learn at his/her own pace, and be encouraged by constant feedback and examples. Thus, he should never feel pressured or discouraged. There are games and physical exercises in the lessons that enforce what the child has learned; lets him burn off some of his pent-up energy; apply some of his learning to the physical activities; and have fun learning. I have used most of the curriculum with my five-year-old granddaughter during our visits, and she has made amazing progress in all aspects. I’m confident that if a child starts learning basic math and reading at an early age, he/she should do well in all elementary grades, high school, and college.



Review by Tales of a Homeschool Family

Each day’s ‘work’ is fun, light-hearted and to the point. No busy work! And no taking the fun out of learning! My son... asked repeatedly to “do things from the Panda book”.



Review by Our Journey Westward

Thirty-four weekly, thematic units cover all academic areas with fun and meaningful lessons. Simple teacher notes tell you exactly what to do each day and all the printables are included. I’m telling ya, this is exactly how I would write a kindergarten curriculum! The Everything Kindergarten Curriculum- it’s all you need.





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